Ralph Meima, MBA, Ph.D.

My essential motive behind writing this book is my rising alarm that our habits and institutions as "civilized" humans are becoming increasingly mismatched with the conditions of the future we are creating for ourselves. A related motive is my fascination with the profound complexity with which the future emerges, and the impossibility of predicting it. These motives grew quite naturally out of my educational and professional experience.

I began my career as an industrial engineer and programmer/analyst at IBM, Accenture, and LM Ericsson. In the 1990s, driven by my deeper, older attraction to nature, science, and environmental issues, I shifted focus to corporate environmental management and sustainability through university and consulting roles.

I currently work with associates and clients in the US and Europe as a business analyst, sales engineer, communications advisor, and entrepreneur in renewable energy, clean tech, and software development, serving Green Lantern Group as Director of Development, and Green River Data Analysis as Product Development Associate, while working with a variety of other clients.

From 2006 to 2012, I was the founding director of the Marlboro MBA in Managing for Sustainability. I was previously Assistant Professor of Management at the School for International Training, 2002-2006. I've authored books and articles on environmental management, CSR, and business sustainability. I have also served as a member of the Brattleboro Vermont Energy Committee, as board co-chair of Brattleboro Thermal Utility, as a board member of Vermont Environmental Consortium, and as a member of Vermont Energy Action Network, focusing on Capital Mobilization. I also currently serve as a board member of the Resilient Design Institute.

My education comprises a B.S. in Industrial Engineering from Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute; an M.A. in International Relations from Johns Hopkins/SAIS; an MBA from the Wharton School; and a Ph.D. (Ek.Dr.) from Lund University, Sweden. I'm fluent in Swedish, French, and German, and live with my family in Brattleboro, Republic of Vermont.